Sunday, 16 December 2007

Gold coast chick

Beach and bikini can't just be seperated. Same here in Gold Coast.

Gold coast

This is another famous beach in Queensland, and I guess you might've heard it. Well people come here for surfing or just enjoying the sun.


Whitsundays beach is a must place to go if you are in Queensland. You'll be amazed with its super fine sand, and more often than not, photographers need to clean their lense after visiting this place. It's just like salt.

Map of Australia

This is a good Map that describes Australia. To make it simple, Australia has 8 states which are named as Queensland, New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia, Western Australia and Norhtern Territory.

Endless things to do in Australia

Some of my long time friend from India asked me, what is the best place to visit in Australia. Well I found it hard to answer this, as I feel there is lot of places to visit and endless activities that you can do here.
Perhaps you should ask yourself what types of activities or spots that is most appealing to you. Some people fancy beach or island, modern city, historical place, architectural etc. Well what I know, Australia do offer all these things. So just pack your things and let Australia entertains you.

P/s: this is the picture of opera house at night, a famous landmark in Australia.

My first post

I finally have my own blog to express myself what do I feel about Australia. I don't consider myself as a good writer or story teller, but here I am, just trying my best to tell you about Australia.
P/s: Don't get offended, this is just kangaroos who are trying to increase their number on this planet.